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We at perfect are committed to, make a difference to the lives of our kid consumer, through product of offering greatest, excellent quality in promotions that bring a smile to their lips. Every Education institution must aim to create an individual with a complete personality. As caretaker of its inmates, it must recognize that they need careful handling especially during adolescence.


To provide children with an inspiring and loving atmosphere.
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To provide children with the opportunity to take up responsibility for themselves and others.
Students Career Growth
To allow a child to grow with an uncluttered intelligence.
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To mould children into sensible, respectful and vibrant human beings.

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Why St. Luke High School



        School is the most important part of  our    child’s life. It gives valuable lessons to  the  child in terms of knowledge, growth          and development.


        St. Luke High School provides knowledge for being social and interactive with different people.


        St. Luke High School also teaches students on how to become responsible as a citizen. Every parent is always being

        sensitive and worried in terms of choosing the best school for their child’s admission. School is the foremost fountain of

        knowledge children are exposed to.


        St. Luke High School  gives a chance for them to acquire knowledge on various fields of education such as people,

        literature, history, mathematics, politics, and other numerous  subjects. This contributes to cultivation in the

        thought process.


Our BRAnches



        St. Luke College of Education, Chandpur

               Rd,  Bahadurpur, Haryana 121101

  Bachelor of Education ( 2 Year Regular Course)


        St. Luke Convent School, Chandpur Rd,

        Bahadurpur,   Haryana 121101

    ( Class pre Nursery to XII Affiliated to CBSE ) 




St. Luke High School

Registration Open for Session 2022-23

  • Digital Smart Room Classes
  • 24*7 CCTV Surveillance
  • Professional Table Tennis Academy
  • Air Conditioned Rooms in Pre-Nursery
  • Taekwondo Classes
  • Transport Available

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Call us on :- 0129-4085135, 8800791419