St. Luke High School

Chairman Message

Chairmen of St luke school



      As a member of St. Luke Educational institutions, allow me to extend my

      warmest greetings & kindest regards & welcome you all.


      I Personally feel blissful & fortunate to be a part of this caring &    

      competent name, which makes a difference.


      I hope the website impersonates the effigy of our school. We have tried to

      assort the school and its system entirely to quench your thirst for



      I take this opportunity to thank the Principal, Director, staff members and

      all the students for their continuous labor in achieving excellence.



      Krishan Gopal Adlakha


Principal's Message


      Initiatives. I extend my heartiest welcome and prayers for a blessed academic

      year ahead.

      A special welcome to all the new students and colleagues who have joined

      St. Luke this year. We look forward to forging strong and lasting

      relationships with you as you strive to attain proficiency through holistic

      education at our school.


      At St. Luke High School we believe that “Every Child is God’s creation and is

      destine to achieve the best”.


      Dear students it is my prayer that the spirit of God help you to be more

      enthusiastic and organized in preparing your lessons. While our website and

      ERP is regularly updated with all the important notices and current

      information. I would encourage to review both of these publication to take

      note of all important messages.


      My sincere thanks to all my colleague of all the branches of St Luke society,

      the parents, the management for their tireless support and dedication. I look

      forward to your continued support as we grow, improve and innovate

      together in this new academics session.

      May Almighty guide bless St. Luke High School for a successful & fruitful

      academic year 2023-23.



      Sahil Adlakha
      ( B.Tech, MBA, B.Ed )

Principle of st. luke school