St. Luke High School

About Us

St. Luke High School started in the year 1996 under the aegis of the and Mr. Krishan Gopal Adlakha, Manager, St. Luke Educational Society imparting quality education at an affordable cost to the common masses. The premises of St. Luke High School chosen by the Mr. Krishan Gopal Adlakha to set up the school which, back then, only had a few students and a handful of teachers who dedicated themselves to the cause of the Mr. Adlakha.

St Luke High School inside pic

Aim and Objective

  1. To develop an aesthetic sense among our students.
  2. To provide guidance that nurtures leadership qualities.
  3. To facilitate ample exposure in carious fields of knowledge.
  4. To ensure sharing experience.
  5. To provide scope to get oneself organized.
  6. To promote brotherhood.
  7. To provide the scope to enhance knowledge, skill and wisdom.
  8. To inculcate in children tolerance, sense of value, the importance of peace and the beauty of love.
  9. To promote national integration.
  10. To help develop a sense of self respect and responsibility.
  11. To help develop a good personality by providing scope for all round development.
  12. To identity latent talents and provide scope for the development of the same.
  13. To enhance moral and spiritual values.

Identifying a student’s need is not the “end all and be all” of the responsibility of an educational institution. It is for this reason that the institution often conducts remedial subject oriented classes for students and counseling sessions for students as well as guardians besides other career and educational guidance programs.

14. To identify the needs of our teachers and students and organize specific service oriented programs for them.

15. To develop a modern curriculum enriched with materials to enhance the teaching-learning process.

16. To develop effective teaching aids and acquaint teachers with the latest pedagogical skills.

17. To encourage and coordinate innovative practices, actions, research, experimentation, survey etc. Directed towards modern global educational system.

18. To make an effort towards initiating creativity in teaching in order to enhance the learning process by:-

  • Developing curiosity and wide interest in intellectual matter at an early age.
  • Including a variety of learning tasks in day to day activities as some children prefer to learn by discovering rather than by imitation.
  • Infusing more stimuli into the learning experience.
  • Asking questions that encourage unique or original responses.
  • Accepting and valuing unique responses given by children.
  • Developing progressive path for creative activities.
  • Avoiding giving examples when seeking creative efforts.
  • Moving on from traditional to untraditional mode of communication with a view to provoking new ideas.
  • Providing scope for imaginative ideas.
  • Providing and scope to slow learner.