St. Luke High School



Primary and secondary education stages are when the foundation of a child’s personality is built.


Young people need nurturing at this time to ensure that a love of learning develops. This natural curiosity about the world, if seeded at an early age, will blossom and hold an individual steadfast throughout their academic and professional life.


From learning in classrooms, to learning on a sports field; from learning in an art workshop to learning social skills; from learning musical instruments to learning sustainable development; our students will have the opportunities to develop as socially aware, academically proficient and holistically healthy members of society, able to contribute positively in whatever area they choose.


At St. Luke High school, Faridabad, a lot of importance is given to meaningful education that builds intelligence and character. The goal of true education is to build all-round personality of a student who can face the challenging world with full confidence.


For each stage in the life of a child, different values have to be inculcated and the school takes special care in this regard. The school helps a student make the transition from a protected environment of formative years and junior school to one where he develops his individuality and personality in the middle and high school.


Learning for life, excellence in education and commitment to meaningful knowledge are given prime importance. Quality education is provided to each and every child. St. Luke believes that proper conditions should be created for each child so that each individual can develop a positive approach in life.


A unidirectional teaching method is being increasingly substituted by a multi-directional group workshop method where the need of each student is considered and individual attention is paid. Here the teacher becomes the group coordinator initiating work without any phobia of rote learning. Co-curricular activities are also given utmost importance.


St. Luke is a complete student-centric school. In true sense, the faculty and teaching staff at St. Luke believe in imparting quality education to students so that they can carve out a bright future with their intelligence and honest character.


The infrastructure of the school is one of the best in India and helps in enhancing the study process. Primarily, the medium of instruction at our school is English. The school provides immense exposure to live projects, sports activities, practical teaching, excursions and a lot more. Our faculty and students not only work hard towards maintaining academic standards, but they toil to maintain behavioral standards as well.


The school offers excellent academic programs to its students. Faculty, teachers and administrative staff at our school are among the best in their respective fields. They are always there to provide complete knowledge, guidance and assistance to students so that they can wholeheartedly participate in the academic programs and achieve academic excellence.


Finally, all students at St. Luke will go through extensive finishing training in our Finishing Centre, allowing them to interact confidently in any social or professional setting.